Monday, 10 September 2007

KidsLibs Trust update and updated!!!

KidsLibs Trust is now registered!!

We also now have a bank account, so we can receive donations of money!!!!

The books from Canada have arrived, and 4 of the 6 tonnes will be travelling up to Laikipia this week.. YEAY!!! HOWEVER I need money to pay for my fuel, accommodation etc HELP!!!

The library/ information centre in Gilgil has raised its head again, so that will be our second rural centre!!!

By the way KidsLibs Trust Trustees are: Sheila Mmbijjewe (chair), Wamaitha Mungai (Treasurer), me (secretary), Jill Simposn, Smita Pandit, and Phyllis Ikua

I also need money to pay for the lawyer who organised the Trust....

This is really worthwhile! The centres we have had empowered so many people.. not just the children!!! Teachers from local schools have been coming to find out why members of our centres schoolwork has improved. Mothers have started their own groups to actively help thier kids, Drama groups, creative writing groups (Mathare North centre) ... So much!!


Through our centres we are letting communities become aware of choices in thier lives, to think now thoughts , t o have dreams and a way of achieving those dreams!!!!


ps the website has been updated to include two new pages.. the wishlist and Trustees pages! Take a look!!