Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Hi All!

Well, Anne is in UK trying DESPERATELY to find donors to get her back to Kenya to keep making community based information centres in Kenya!! There are another two centres waiting to be made this year and I cant make them form Bakewell, Derbyshire!!!

I have given one talk already here, and am due to give a second on July 9th to Bakewell Rotary Club, who have helped the Trust in the past. I have been scanning Web, and asking other africa based projects for ideas on finding donor funding.


While I am in the UK I hope to be able to go to talk to people direct, instead of just sending E mails!!!


I have contacted Massey Fergusson re donating a tractor to Sipili centre, as we could hire out the tractor- with our own driver- and use the profit to maintain the centre. It may even be possible to start building our purpose built centre there with the money, as tractors are badly needed there.

I am contemplating contacting local farmer groups to twin somehow with farmers in Laikipia. Here is a big farming area: Bakewell has an agricultural centre where cattle and other livestock are sold every monday.

I am told Sipili centre, Laikipia West is being well used!!! People are flocking in!!! YESSSS!!!!

Despite a few hiccups the first KidsLibs staff meeting happened today! Patrick took my car for service too, as he is still using it to collect book donations etc.

Bakewell Library (free!!!) is letting me use their computer internet access for free.. this is available to everyone!!! One day our centres will be able to offer this..... ONE DAY!

I have discovered that many companies here will only consider helping if we are registered as a charity in UK.SOO I hope to do this whilst I am here! I need someone to be the coordinator though... ANY VOLUNTEERS?? When we are a registered charitiy we can then apply to Comic Relief among others, Who are ideal for what we need!!!



Anne who wants to get back to Kenya ASAP!!!!!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Sipili Centre open and running!!!!

Well today we opened KidLibs Centre number 5!!! Sipili Community Library is now open to the public!!
After planning on having an unofficial opening rather than a big official one, it still took two hours of speeches and performances!!!

BUT these were wonderful!!!

The mural on the library wall painted by John Githuri

The chairman of the library committee Mr Kikrop, the ex chairman of Lariak Primary School Mzee Karanja, and the present chair of Lariak Primary school, Benjamin all spoke.. also Michael the current secretary.. wh
o managed to bring the last of our chairs!! Children from our drama group performed several sketches and poems, and big children from Lariak Day Secondary School performed some wonderful poems and skits dealing with library, knowledge etc.

Visitors came from Nairobi, representing Mathare North centre (Steve), Eastleigh centre(Joshe), Kawangware centre (Jackson) and from Maile Saba- who should be next to open!!!!- Kennedy. Alos Susan Phillips came, who runs our bookclubs and pen pal clubs at Kawangware, and ran the creative writing group 'Trading Fives' at Mathare North last year.All were duelly impressed with our beautiful new library here in Sipili!!! Steve and Kennedy helped Joseph enrol 36 members, with many more waiting to enrole in the next few days!!!
Sipili kids drama group

Thank you to all who came and all who saw, and all who took part!!!!

OFF to Nairobi 2moro, for meetings Sundaty and Monday, before flying to UK on Monday night... My home is Sipili, Kenya.. my spirit roams free here!!!!