Thursday, 9 October 2008

October developments!

Kawangware , Nairobi update! We went to see the proposed new library room on Tuesday. This is it!! It is upstairs, and is huge!! We WFF has put a proposal in to the CDF committee for this room for the library, plus a further two rooms to run two sustainability projects: 1 is a radion station, and the other a cyber cafe. We are waiting for their reply.
Maile Saba, Nairobi is continuing to develop! Staff training is continuing, and we are all still learning!!! Will take some photos next week!
Sipili, Laikipia West. Anne is going to visit again next week. The rains have started and we have been told the roof is leaking, so we need to go to assess the situation! Also resolve electricity divider (from school). George Nderitu from MYSA will also be coming! He hopes to see the school for the deaf perform, as well as talk to Joseph and John about drama, music, and peer education of HIV Aids, children's rights etc.
Eastleigh MYSA centre, Nairobi. Anne is visiting next week, and will take photos of the new look centre! We are also trying to divide the adults fiction by genre as in Sipili centre.
Mathare North MYSA centre, Nairobi is continuing with their many activities, including a debate group (debating the pros and cons for rural life versus urban life) and a hip hop group! We have also found one child who has sight difficulties, so we are providing books in large print.
KidsLibs Trust has purchased a laminator and printer for their office.This will enable all centres to print their monthly reports, KLT to print out agendas, minutes, etc. The laminator will mainly be used to create library guiding for all centres. Currently we have to pay large amounts to get this done commercially.
A desk top computer is arriving in the next week or two, so the office will be fully functional- at last! MANY thanks to Sara Lee for their continued support!
Anne is visiting a possible new CBO partner tomorrow. They are located in Kasarani area of Nairobi (Mathare Valley).
Talk next week!!!!