Thursday, 13 November 2008

HI All!

Well, November has arrived!!!

KidsLibs now has an accountant! neil Jones in Nairobi is now doing our accounting for us.. which is a great relief!!!

Paterson Foundation also are supporting us! They are sending a one off donation of $10,000USD!!! thank you ! thank you!

Susan Philips is working on a fund raiser for KLT on December 5th.. Looks like an opportunity to enjoy books- and your favourite ice cream!!! hope people will donate their money as well as their time to support us!

Maile Saba is progressing nicely!! the guys are now pretty much perfect cataloguing Junior fiction books! they have completed the Junior fiction (yellow labels), blue labels (younger fiction), green lables (story collections) and are making their way through the picture books (pink lables)!

Anne visited Mathare North library on Saturday, where the drama group and the hip hop group and the girls RAP group all performed!!!! WOW!!!! They were awsome!!! I managed to video them , so when the website is eventually available you will be able to watch their performance on the site!

Anne and Patrick visited Eastleigh centre today, where THEIR drama group performed!!! There is so much talent out there! the group is also the bookreading club, who help in the library, keeping the books in order etc.

We have alSo visited the new possible site for the Kasarani centre. However, we are working on approaching the Ministry of Education to donate FREE OF RENT a building through CDF finding... watch this space!!!

Kawangware centre we are still trying to find sustainability before moving in to the new building. I am hoping this will be resolved by the end of today! We are still waiting to hear from Safaricom Foundation as to whether they will pay for further shelving as we expand, and pay for 6 months sustainability whilst WFF (the CBO who run the library) finds their own source of income. Dr Gitu (chairman of the CDF committee for the building) is being very supportive!

Sipili centre (Laikipia West area) are still wonderful! We took one of the KLT Trustees there last week, with some other interested parties! The children from the school for the deaf performed again .. this time I got them on video!! We need 6 sheets of mubati (corrogated iron sheeting) to repair the roof, and further work to create a veranda roof to protect shoes during the rains. We are also now quite hopeful that a new libary committee will be in existance before the end of the year! YEAY!!!

We are in talks with the Ministry of Education re adults education, and starting classes in all of our centres. Will keep you up to date on this! They have also suggested contacting the Ministry for Youth for funding for youth issues, also the Book Development council... I have meetings next week with both!!

Still pursuing the Girlchild Network to come to our next meeting to discuss Girlchild issues.. really needed for Sipili particularly

Talk soon!!! Sitting in Java coffee house (free internet!)! ned to go home!!!