Monday, 27 July 2009

Bibliosaur Newsletter on the Blog!

· Car issues: Have no car as she is sold. So limited currently to what is possible! Safaricom have promised our vehicle on the first week of August, so here’s hoping!

· Proposals have been sent to Oprah and to Coca Cola Africa..

· Funding expires end of August now...

· STILL looking for a donor to produce our KLT leaflet... and to print the booklists!

· Jane Ainslie from UK visited Mathare North and Kawangware libraries on 25th July, with her 9 year old daughter Kate! Jane is very interested in setting KLT up as a charity, and coordinating fund raising etc when she returns to the UK! THANK YOU!!! This means we will at last be able to apply to Comic Relief for funding, and for other donor organisations also require UK charity status. Jane also brought toys, pens, paper, and a wonderful pack of posters and games for each centre.

· Sara Lee Ltd has donated boxes of sanitary towels for our Mathare North centre Super Angels girls group, and for Sipili centre.

· Really desperately wanting funding to start our girls group in Sipili.... about 70 girls are waiting for their club to start! We need about KSH5000/- (about £45) per month (this is transport and lunch costs for our speakers).

· The consignment of books organised from the UK by Pauline Cunningham arrived in the KidsLibs office safely!! Sorting them as and when we can get to the office! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAULINE!!

· Requesting for donations of class sets of children’s novels (about 20 copies of each title) for our book-clubs, which will resume in September with the new school year at the international schools. We are trying to find books based loosely on a theme of tolerance and reconciliation, for children aged about 10 -12 years. We have already used S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, Beverley Naidoo’s Burn My Heart, Jeanne DePrau’s City of Ember, Heaven’s Shop by..., Hoot by.... and Shabanu by... Would LOVE a set of Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother for example..

· Possible new centre in Murang’a area.

The adults books for Murang’a were delivered to the site! BookAid International are trying to find a donor for us to finish building this wonderful new library.

· BookAid are also sending us new stock for each of our centres

· AFK are due to visit KLT in August. They have sent on a donation of stock, which has arrived in Nairobi! We are organising how to get it to KLT office... no vehicle!!!

· Sipili we are still trying to find a donor to build us a new building including fencing, a toilet block, a security guard house and solar power. Looks like the security issues are being sorted out, as many arrests have been made. Joseph, who runs the library there, has organised his library group to making a drama about how the post election violence affected the children in his area. He wants to make a DVD of this. We are trying to find him funding for costumes etc.

· Anne is doing some training on holiday activities with all staff members at our July meeting next week. Anne is also mentioning Dyslexia, which no one is Kenya out of the international schools has heard of.

· STILL NEED NEW TRUSTEES and chair, as Smita is no longer available...ALSO a new treasurer, both willing to be signatories on the KLT account.. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?? We also need these Trustees to be ACTIVE, helping write proposals, finding contacts, etc



Orange is KLT projects

Green is existing KLT centres

Purple is proposed new centres

Blue is donors

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

one wheel on my wagon, n I'm still rollin along....

Well RAV has gone! SOO sad! Now have no car as am living off the car money until end of August. STILL waiting for Safaricom to give us the long promised pick up.. starting to doubt its existance!

Cant get to libraries now other than by taxi, matatu or hire a car.

Consignment of books arrived from UK courtesy of Pauline Cunningham and Tony Kennedy! They arrived on Monday, and we will start to unpack tomorrow! It is like Christmas!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Cant get books like these in Kenya!!

Anne also working on renewal of her work permit..see?! Still living in hope!! Have a meeting with KNLS tomorrow re this.

Joseph in Sipili, Laikipia West has been prepairing a drama dealing with the post election violence (which is still going on there) with the library clubs. They want us to make a DVD of this. So we are trying to find funding for costumes, make up etc.

The website has been updated in part, and each centre page now has a photo of their staff on their home page!!

BookAid International is trying to find funding for us to make the centre in Murang'a! Stock has been boxed and sent up to Murang'a this week.We have also filled in the copious number of forms per KLT centre to apply for stock donations for each KLT centre from BookAid.

MYSA is trying hard now to get Maili Saba open before the end of July. Let's hope they succeed!

Proposals have been sent to Coca Cola Africa and to Oprah... Someone has to feel we are worth it and support us!! Ever hopeful!!

Talk again soon!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Little Hands really ARE Making Big Steps!!

Well LHBS has been running for three weeks now! The comments from the logbooks are great - we now know that:
  • Schofield (age 13 months) likes books about animals and likes to make the noises!!!!
  • All the kids love anything with animals
  • All kids like colourful books
  • All kids hated 'Moja means one' even tho it is in Swahili!
  • Kids love to trun the pages
  • Parents and other family members also reading the books!
  • Most are managing to read even for ashort while daily. Some only a few times a week, one 20 minutes twice a day!
Parents were told that reading didnt matter at this stage, Using language and enjoying the books was the most important.. and this seems to be working!
I will go to talk to the parnts this weekend to see how they are doing too! Trying to convince fathers that they can do this too.

I love my work!!!