Thursday, 24 June 2010

Imagine this painted white with a blue carpet....

    Gacharageini library floor... as smoothe as a baby's bottom! Wonderful straight pillars too!!! painting is next (white), then a blue - or possibly green?- carpet, then move shelving in!

We have a donation now of FOUR desktop computers from the Phillips family. Two of these will go in to Gacharageini library, to support the computer programme we will be given by Biovision. This deals with agriculture and environment. The other two will probably go to Sipili library with the same computer programme, as well as for use by the public.

We had a visitor from the UK over the weekend from Holy Trinity and St Peters church in UK, who donated us funding for Little Hands Big Steps. Liz Holder met the LHBS mum's at Kawangware library They filled all the floor space in the library looking at and sharing books. Jon Hargreaves and his daughter Bella also came along.

AFK books have arrived, and we go to collect them tomorrow from Nairobi. 29 boxes of books and cassettes. GREAT!

Talk soon!!!

Anne and Patrick

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Gacharageini no longer floor-less!!!! (sorry!)

Gacharageini library now has a floor! it is still not quite finished, but will be this week! Plastering of walls- and those wonderful pillars!- starts this week with second consignment of Bookaid donation!

Trainees have completed all kids stock as of Yesterday (friday) and will start adults stock on Monday!

Talk soon!!!


Saturday, 5 June 2010

Little Hands continue to THRILL ME!!!

Little Hands at Kawangware!. All Mums turned up for week three! The comments are now amazing about how their children are reacting to the bags of books! Many kids call them 'their books'. and ask for the bag of books as they wake. The tactile books are proving to be very popular, and several of the children are maknig animals noises to the animals in the books- and when seeing them outside!

Many are asking for books for their older children, because the older siblings want to read the younger siblings books! Some of them do read together. 
                                                                                                                     Faline and Bella reading together.
A group of Mums reading to their kids at Kawangware.

Gacharageini library now has windows!!! Floor should go in this coming week!

the building looks wonderful and full of light. Floor should go in this week, then plastering, painting, ramp to main doors etc. Bookcases are being made - some already completed- so then we move in and continue training in the library proper! 2 weeks maybe..