Saturday, 30 October 2010

Gacharage'ini open... IT'S OFFICIAL!!

We opened yesterday- OFFICIALLY! - amidst many speeches from community members, and some great dancing by the local primary school. There was also a special poem written about the library- which we hope to put on the website soon!

 Certificates were handed to the library trainees, and thanks given and received! We were particularly pleased that Aggreko sent a representative to the opening! Dale and his family enjoyed the performances, and I think were impressed with the library. It was great for KLT to be able to thank Zack at Aberdare Cottages for their support of us, as they have accommodated us (lodging and food) for the six months it has taken us from start to finish.
Also to thank Patrick, and acknowledge his part in supervising all construction of the building- including sourcing materials and getting them- and keeping everyone motivated, even tho he has a full time job 3-4 hours aways from where the library is located.

Of course BookAid International were thanked for their generous support, and we are looking forward to receiving their donation of 3000 books to add to Gacharage'ini stock.

We can now look towards making our next libraries! We have building quotations available now for both Kinamba and Sosian.
Proposals to write and things to do!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support!! 
Here's to the next few libraries!!! 

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Little Hands filled- and hearts filled!- at Kawangware today!

Today Little Hands Big Steps at Kawangware KLT library saw another 9 under three year olds graduate! I am particularly proud cos here we had two dads paticipating.. both of whom cannot believe how the experience went! I sat and watched one of the dads sit with his 18 month old daughter for 30 minutes sharing books in the library, amidst lots of giggling and other noises! WONDERFUL!!

Just look at these photos!
Faline and Mum Bella!

Another Dad with his son!

Faline again with her favourite book!

Anne giving out the T shirts and book to keep!

Next Little Hands Big Steps group in Kawangware will start in January 2011¬ Am SOOO proud of them all!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

ONE more open, making TWO completed in the last few weeks ..THREE on the way!!

Gacharageini Library in Aberdare hills.. has now been open for 10 days! In that time we have 328 members, and an attendance figure of 692!

We also launched Little Hands, Big Steps on Saturday. Ten families with under three year olds came and took their LHBS bags, after being told how to use them, and how to share books with their children. I think this will be a real challenge in this area, as children- and indeed some grown ups- don't know how to use books for anything other than for school.
LHBS families!

LHBS participant!


Sipili KLT Library in Laikipia West.

We finally moved into our new building on Saturday! After threats of possible riots and book burning we moved into the new building. Joseph had been packing books for a week, and luckily the kids from the next door Lariak School for the Deaf helped Patrick and Joseph move the books, shelves, carpet etc. We did have to hire a truck for the purpose, although our NEWLY painted pick up also played its part!

Joseph has to re construct the library in its new building, so it may make some days before he is able to re open. Look how bright and airy the new building is! Still, a daunting task! MANY thanks to Patrick, Joseph and the team of willing community members - including Mr Kiprop our library chairman in Sipili- who assisted in this dusty and Hot task! 

That's it till the weekend when we give out certificates and T shirts to our next lot of Little Hands Graduates at Kawangware  KLT Community library!

Talk then!