Thursday, 17 March 2011

Photos of Sipili library- with a class of kids!

Oh I LOVE this work!!! All the crap that goes on, and the worry over funding, yet

YEAY for libraries!!!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Sipili Library- in pictures!

Well I am now back in Kenya, though without any funding, so am somewhat limited due to lack of finances as to what I can do!

children's area

At last we got to Sipili with a camera! It took Joseph sometime to assemble the shelving and re -organise the books- he also had a serious motorbike accident at beginning of January which didn't help! ANYWAY he is now better, and the library re opened beginning of February.

adults area
Patrick and I visited last week and took these pics! Really pleased- just need people in it!! We discovered through chatting in the town that people- in particular a local nursery school- didn't know the library existed! SOOO.. some serious promoting needs to be done!

Also we will hand over the library to the library committee in the next week or two. Their contract is ready!

The new library has a ceiling, plastered walls and loads of extra light, plus a fire exit.

reference area

Safaricom Foundation paid for the construction of the building, but the shelving was paid for my the Australian High Commission, being the original furniture given to the old Sipili library based at Lariak Primary school.
We have had many problems with some senior members of the Sipili
community, wanting to use the library for their own purposes, but hope that these are now resolved. Our library chairman is a wonderful man who has helped us so many ways. 

Unfortunately our guttering keeps being stolen so our rain harvesting has had to stop. The tank will be used for the Super Angels group project- below.

THANK YOU to everyone involved with this project!

We also have been able to restart construction of the Coco Cola Africa Foundation project for the Super Angel girls group in Sipili. This was not possible to run while I was away. We hope to get construction completed in the next month, and to start training up the girls in necessary skills shortly after that.

This project is being supervised by the library chairman and Joseph who runs the library, with professional advice from other community members. much work has been done, but none is photograph-able, being the laying of underground water pipes!

Also waiting for the arrival from UK of the new Little Hands Big Steps books! When these arrive I can make up the new bags and sessions can start in the three KLT libraries! Yeay!

We have a proposal in to Comic Relief in partnership with Village Aid in UK. Please keep all fingers and toes crossed, as this can potentially give us funding for two years, and make a further two libraries, plus develop existing KLT libraries and develop KLT projects in all our libraries.

Thanks for all support everyone!
Talk soon!