Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas! and heres to more centres in the New Year!!!

Well, finally have a car again!!! A matatu (small bus) hit me over two weeks ago, and after much palava getting poice abstracts, and insurance assessors to the right garage, I FINALLY have my car back!! YEAY!!! I actually had to hire a car to take a lady from Safaricom Foundation to see to of the centres last week.. the only car I could get was a Toyota corolla.. this was fun trying to navigate the holes and trenches of Mathare North! As we were asking Safaricom to donate a 4 wheel drive vehicle, it was - I suppose!- quite appropriate as she saw the need!! I have been riding matatus to meetings in the meanwhile!

KLT STUFF. We are still trying to get duty exemption status! Neil- our accountant- is working on this for us.

KLT UK. Stil hoping to become a charity in the UK. I have a meeting with a lady this week who may know someone in the UK who is willing to take this on.Fingers crossed!!!

KLT CENTRES . Most of the centres are closing from Christmas eve until January 4th. Sipili is opening some days in between!

KLT LEAFLET. Still hoping to get a meeting with Colourspace to see if they may help with this. Is really important now to have a leaflet we can give out to prospective donors.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all donors, staff and friends of KidsLibs Trust!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Well a lot happening here for those interested!
We moved Kawangware centre to its new premesis 2 weeks ago now! This is the new children's library- story section! Nice n bright and cheerful!! We had helpers from the proposed Kasarani centre, and from the proposed Gilgil centre!

Adults fiction section

Kawangware is still trying to find means to become sustainable.. any offers?? They want to either start a radio station, or a cyber cafe... with cyber cafe will need at least 10 - 15 computers donating, complete with UPS, software etc...

KidsLibs Trust office now is complete!!! We now have in addition to the printer and laminator a DESK TOP COMPUTER - donated by the Pandit family-! We also now have funds to purchase a guillotine. Just need a filing cabinet..

Bakewell Rotary Club is sending us £500 to purchase a camcorder (plus tapes, plus memory sticks etc)! This is greatly needed to record library activities and events! I hope this will arrive with us before Chirstmas so we can get the camcorder soon and start recording!!!

Neil Jones is now our accountant, and is working for us for free!!!Also his son- Mike who works for Colourspace advertising agency- has made us 600 business cards for free!!! MANY thanks!!

Maili Saba is coming along nicely! The staff are so keen to get open by January!

Ken, Douglas, and Simon

Fundraiser 2008!!
On December 5th KidsLibs Trust held our first ever ice cream and books fundraiser! It was all organised by Susan Phillips- our newest Trustee and held at her house! Kids form Mathare North girls rap group performed, as did the drams group, who performed a drama written about how the post election violence was viewed by the children living in the slums of Nairobi. Very moving. Unfortunately not many people came, but we hope the ones who did will be the ones who may help us!!

Sipili November 2008.. the school for the deaf drama group performed for us! Here is the video of their performance! Anne goes back to Sipili on December 16th with a representative from the Girlchild Network. They will talk to a group of girls in Sipili about girl issues. We hope that this group of girls will become a permanent group, so we can send guest speakers to talk to them, and inspire them to become all they can be.

Wanna Be a Trustee??
We need another new Trustee! Smita is no longer able to be our chair, so we need someone willing to take on the role!

OK thats it for now!!! Talk soon!!!