Thursday, 29 May 2008

Count down to opening Sipili centre....

Greetings all!! Returned from monthly visit to Nairobi yesterday (thursday 28th May), and monthly staff meeting of all centres' staff! Joseph from Sipili came down on the 3am bus and came to his first meeting!!! Tanx to Steve, Charles and everyone for looking after him!!

I collected a STACK of donations whilst I was there!!!
  • A box for books from IOM's Lara Quartermain,
  • a set of encyclopaedias from Mrs Usha Patel,
  • several boxes fo books from Akla Shah and her son
  • a catalogue drawer unit from ISK and Barbera Jones , elementary school librarian
  • 6 gallons of exterior paint from BASCO Paints and Mr Mital Shah for our mural in Sipili!
The catalogue drawers are now filled and in Sipili library! The paint is also delivered, and the boxes of books safely stowed at Sara Lee in my office. My poor little car did struggle with the weight of it all, as I was also carrying my German Shepherd dog!!

I REALLY need a laminator donating guys. I was unable to laminate the signs for the new library due to the expanse of getting them done commercially.... CAN ANYONE HELP???

On June 4th EABS Bank
and Mercantile Insurance are donating 50,000/- to KidsLibs Trust!!!! I am unable to attend, so Steven from Mathare North and his wife Peggy will be receiving the cheque on behalf of KidsLibs Trust!! The function is at the Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi. Thank you so much EABS and Mercantile for your continued support!!!!

Eastleigh School in the UK is donating money to Eastleigh library!!! We dont know how much, but we know it is coming, and it will be spent of creating an Africa Collection.



Hey! Have I mentioned
new website address???? is:- Will soon have a new look too, as a friend (Susan Phillips) and her friend in USA (Jeremy) are re designing it!!! Watch the site space!!! It really needs updating, but cant do much till re design in place! We do however all have new E mail addresses you can contact us on! I am You can also use, or Each individual centre will have its own address soon!!

Latterday Saints Church Wheelchairs
3 beautiful brand spanking new wheelchairs are now located in Kawangware centre (1) and in Sipili Centre (2)! We have another three to receive from LDSC, which will be located in Githurai centre (2) Eastleigh centre (1) and another centre in the future.. possibley Gilgil.

Sipili Centre
Sipili Centre is nearly complete!! Joseph and I are finishing cataloguing the last of the Adults non fiction stock. The children's drama group (age 7 - 14 years) has written and rehearsed a short play for our opening on the 7th June, and a local writer has written a poem about our library, which one of the children will perform at the opening! More and more people are now popping thier heads around our dor to see what we are doing, and to ask for information on opening etc. Joh, a local artist, has designed a wonderful mural to paint on the whole side to the library building! It will depict Mount Kenta, the rural environment, and the peoples of the area, as well as the library and the activities we plan to do... Will post a piccie when I have one!!!

and Braeburn bookclub has had their second meeting! Their first books was'The Outsiders' by S.E. Hinton. Book number two is 'Burn my Heart' by Beverley Naidoo. I hope to have a report on this by my next post!! Other clubs will start in September approximately as schools return form their long break. (Eastleigh and Mathare North). Still trying to find a partner school for Sipili. UKenya cnetre, in Kayole is no longer a KidsLibs Centre so they cannot participate in this wonderful opportunity.

Susan Phillips has also started a Penpals club wit Kawangware cente intitially. The children from Kawangware are writing to children of their age in the USA! Will see how this develops before introducing at other centres!!

Dat's it for now!!! Talk soon!!!


Sunday, 11 May 2008

May n blogging around wid elephants!!

Well, still in Sipili in Laikipia west... had eli's through a few nights ago... well only about 10metres from my bedroom!!!
Library looks great!!! Still crap library committee, who are STILL trying to use it for advancement- either financially or for social status. They were
supposed to have a meeting 3 weeks ago to sort out their committee.... still no meeting still no committee... and we open in 3 weeks!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! Have to hope SOMEONE wants to benefit their community rather than only themselves!!

childrens lib May 08

childrens information area May 08

Ho hum!!

Was in Nairobi (no elephants) last weekend for KT birthday. Did a lot of work type stuff too! Trying to find someone who will donate exterior paint, so we can paint a mural on the wall of Sipili library... ANY IDEAS???

Had a meeting in GILGIL on the way back, and looks like there may be a donor there willing to build a library! Will keep u posted!! (Saw an eagle owl... HUGE big beasty sitting in a tree in a wood as we had our meeting!)

Sipili getting even greener as maize, potatos etc really growing fast. I s thundering now, and rain hammering on my mubati roof (corrugated iron) till I cant hear at all!! The light outside is awsome tho! Silver...
No walk for Kimbe and I this evening tho!

Talk soon!!


Still trying to find a means of staying here to make libraries for ever... or at least the next few years to start!! I have 3 weeks until I have to return to UK to try to find donors.
Maile Saba centre now has their books, and Joshe from MYSA is doing his best to organise them. I hope to get down to see the libu on 27th May and at least offer some advice before leaving. I should be there twice a week at this stage.. or by the time Sipili opens.