Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas! and heres to more centres in the New Year!!!

Well, finally have a car again!!! A matatu (small bus) hit me over two weeks ago, and after much palava getting poice abstracts, and insurance assessors to the right garage, I FINALLY have my car back!! YEAY!!! I actually had to hire a car to take a lady from Safaricom Foundation to see to of the centres last week.. the only car I could get was a Toyota corolla.. this was fun trying to navigate the holes and trenches of Mathare North! As we were asking Safaricom to donate a 4 wheel drive vehicle, it was - I suppose!- quite appropriate as she saw the need!! I have been riding matatus to meetings in the meanwhile!

KLT STUFF. We are still trying to get duty exemption status! Neil- our accountant- is working on this for us.

KLT UK. Stil hoping to become a charity in the UK. I have a meeting with a lady this week who may know someone in the UK who is willing to take this on.Fingers crossed!!!

KLT CENTRES . Most of the centres are closing from Christmas eve until January 4th. Sipili is opening some days in between!

KLT LEAFLET. Still hoping to get a meeting with Colourspace to see if they may help with this. Is really important now to have a leaflet we can give out to prospective donors.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all donors, staff and friends of KidsLibs Trust!!!!!

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