Wednesday, 6 May 2009

SOOO SAD!!!! But staying positive!!!

My poor little RAV 4 has gone up for sale... I feel like I am selling a child! She is gettin old, and in need of much repair- which is expensive. Dont know what I will do without a car.. taxis and matatus I suppose, until Safaricom make good on their offer of a vehicle ... ever trusting!!!

Patrick and I went to see a possible new library in Muranga district. What a beautiful area!! Hills, rivers, and a LOT of tea!! Many schools with no access to resources, information or reading materials. We have been offered space temporarily in the catholic church hall, until money can be raised to complete the huge spave beneath the building to make a wonderful library- with the most amazing, inspiring views!! The temporary space just needs painting and a few walls knocking through, plus furniture (which can be transferred to new library when it is ready).. Watch this (blog) spot!!!

Mathare Angels... and other Angels!
Girls group 'Mathare Angels' is progressing well!! At their last session they discussed early pregnancy, and ways to avoid it.. very interesting as to how they see themselves
. Comments on how the media portrays provocotive materials, and how girls dress being two issues. Still desperate to get funding to start this in Sipili.Our lady psychologist Karindi is making space in her diary for a first visit on a saturday in June.. She is SOOO psyched!!!!

Duty exemption... gulp!
Well, accounts went in finally this week. Neil Jones and associates have worked SOOO hard on these, so I hope we are successful!

More proposals sent off.. no replies, so still no funding...

Little Hands, Big Steps.
Researching on research (?!) showing benefits of using books with under5 year olds... including babies. This to back up our Little Hands, Big Steps project. Hope to start our project by the end of May. Quite exciting!!

That's it for today!!! Any ideas welcome!!!

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