Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Little Hands really ARE Making Big Steps!!

Well LHBS has been running for three weeks now! The comments from the logbooks are great - we now know that:
  • Schofield (age 13 months) likes books about animals and likes to make the noises!!!!
  • All the kids love anything with animals
  • All kids like colourful books
  • All kids hated 'Moja means one' even tho it is in Swahili!
  • Kids love to trun the pages
  • Parents and other family members also reading the books!
  • Most are managing to read even for ashort while daily. Some only a few times a week, one 20 minutes twice a day!
Parents were told that reading didnt matter at this stage, Using language and enjoying the books was the most important.. and this seems to be working!
I will go to talk to the parnts this weekend to see how they are doing too! Trying to convince fathers that they can do this too.

I love my work!!!

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