Saturday, 19 December 2009

Emm Wiki.. be proud!!!

Well guys, I need to lose weight NOW never mind after Christmas!

SOO I have entered KidslLibs Trust as a charity entrant in theEdinburgh Half marathon (13. something miles)! Anyone interested in running with me? I start training in New Year... I have paid for 5 places, and other ones will have to pay for themselves.. SORRY!

Want to try to get T shirts with our logo on (our wee Bibliosaur) and run wearing big round specs like he has, plus carry a book (like he does!).

Already have a specs shop trying to locate the glasses frames for us!!

This is a great way both to get fit AND to raise money for KLT.. I am planning on approaching public libraries here to see if they will put up a display and put out sponsor forms or collection boxes..

ANY more ideas welcome!!!

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