Saturday, 16 January 2010

From Little Acorns do mighty oaks grow...

Here are piccies of the building work started as of 2nd week of January at
Sipili KLT centre.!

Patrick has gone up today to see what has happened in the last week. Very exciting! Thank you Safaricom Foundation!

ALSO the bags are nearly finished for our Little Hands Big Steps project to expand into all of our centres! Next steps will be photos of three year olds decorating the bags with their hand prints! We hope to do this at Eastleigh MYSA centre Then books, then t
raining .. then launch!!

All KLT centres are now busy with their new consigment of books from BookAid International! They are currently assessing the new selection, completing forms for what they want for next year, and adding new materials to stock!! Now we have 6 centres completing forms! Githurai and Maili Saba MYSA libraries are now on board!!

We are still desperately seeking a donor to build our new centre in Murang'a district.. Books are all ready, sustainability set up...just need the building!

Talk soon!!!


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carole said...

Hi there,

We have published some books for young children (2002, 2005, and 2006 called Little Hands - they are literally little books for little hands. They are in Kiswahili and if you are interested you can get look at

Good luck!