Sunday, 28 March 2010

Back to Kenya!!!

I'm goin' Home!

Will be back in Kenya in April! We have funding from BookAid International (courtesy of Agrekko) to make our new library in Gacharageini village in Muranga district! 8 trainees (Yes, I did say EIGHT!) are chomping at the bit waiting to start their training! This should take about 6 months all up, during which time Anne will be living in Gacharageini village- with some forays down to Nairobi!

Anne will also be able to create the new Little Hands Big Steps collections for all of our libraries! This courtesy of a donation received in January from Holy Trinity church South Wimbledon. SOOO looking forward to introducing this to other centres, and watching the responses of both toddlers and their carers.. and their neighbours, family members, friends etc etc!

Anne also has MANY people waiting to visit our libraries on her return, including an Italian NGO and a development worker.

Also dying to see how our new building for Sipili centre is shaping up- again, many thanks to Safaricom Foundation. We are hoping to re open in our new premesis mid April... fingers crossed!

We are DESPERATELY hoping that further more permenant funding will arrive while Anne is in Kenya.

In order to make our libraries and develop them Anne needs to be in Kenya to advise and train staff in this new concept of libraries, attitudes to books, and to learning and education. Eventually the concept will stick, but currently much guidence and training is still needed. This obviously involves funding Anne to live in Kenya (rent, medical insurance, food, work permit renewal etc etc).

There is our challenge!

Talk soon!

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