Sunday, 1 August 2010

More Little Hands making Big Steps!!

Kawangware library in Nairobi saw its second group of families with under 3 year olds embark on the Little Hands Big Steps journey! The Mums/ aunties were so excited to start- indeed they were all sitting there sharing books before we arrived-, and their children were hooked by the look on their faces!

This time we have explained a little better about how the books are to be used!  We found that last time some busy young mothers/ aunties were leaving their babies alone with the books so they could do their work without carrying the baby on their back.. resulting in damaged books! Yesterday we started by training the grown ups how to turn pages. We have also now asked that the books only be used with a grown up, as this is part of the 'sharing a book' experience. Also that the books be kept somewhere safe and special. Let's hope this will result in fewer damaged books!!

                                              I LOVE THIS!!!

Gacharageini library: we are still waiting for paint to dry before we can apply last coat. The trainees even helped with some of the painting! They have completed all books now (YEAY!) and are making a start on sorting out catalogue cards this week! We have also had to find a new fundi (carpenter)- twice!- to make the rest of the furniture. This has been a challenge!
We hope money for wiring and carpet will be available this coming week..

Sipili Library... Well, Joseph will move in to new building this week, even though the solar power is still not installed. We will then start Little Hands making Big Steps in September in Sipili.
We have also submitted our proposal to Coca Cola Africa about our tree nursery and water trough idea based in Sipili community Library compound.. waiting for their response! 

Oh Yes! We now have some great new signs to go beside the entrance door of each KLT library! Kawangware were given theirs yesterday. The signs are 9 inches square and made of metal, and painted with our bibliosaur logo.. will post a photo of one next time!

That's it!!! Talk soon!


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The Elephant Rag said...

Congratulations all you Little Hands and moms and Anne! Terry