Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Not Opening Yet of Gacharageini Library

Well, on August 14th we didnt open Gacharageini (I reckon another two weeks until all furniture finally arrives!) but we did celebrate a really great new library! Joseph from Sipili library came and trained Faith and Mercy (two officially appointed staff!) in daily record keeping. Chris from Sara Lee came- and I think liked what he saw, plus the library committee- and our special guests MYSA Mathare North Library drama group, PLUS our guest of honour Clive Nettleton from BookAid International.

 Here are some kids using the new children's area!

Here is a great photo of some of our older residents enjoying the adults section of the new library!

Mercy and Faith - our two official staff!- enrolled many people into the library.

Photo on the left shows study area.. great light here!

 Kids from Mathare North MYSA library dancing for us!

Someone found a quiet spot to read.. despite all the noise and fuss of visitors!

Clive from BookAid International giving his speech to the crowd!

Adults library before people arrived!

 Childrens area again, showing Young Adults section

People were amazed by the library- most commenting that they had never seen a library like it, and were amazed it was for them. We discovered some challenges:we had organised for a shoe rack for people to place their shoes before they come inside.. we forgot about the kids (particularly) who dont have shoes, and whose feet are covered in mud.. I think a supply for water to wash feet before coming is is called for or our beautiful carpet will get spoiled.

Have to stick carpet down yet, and wait for catalogue drawers, shelf dividers, magazine rack, shoe and bag rack, computer table and staff desk!

We discovered a young man who is studying agriculture.. he was VERY interested in the forthcoming Biovision software which will be loaded onto our computers, and also information coming from ILRI.

Will take more pics when ALL of the furniture is in and when we actually DO open!!!

Let me know what you think!!!



peacereader said...

You are definitely a get things done organization. Once again, I am in awe of you and your team. I'm sure you know what a difference you are making in lives. Just wanted you to know others see it as well. Congrats on the beautiful fruit of your efforts.

Anonymous said...

I liked the article, but some disagree