Saturday, 9 October 2010

Little Hands filled- and hearts filled!- at Kawangware today!

Today Little Hands Big Steps at Kawangware KLT library saw another 9 under three year olds graduate! I am particularly proud cos here we had two dads paticipating.. both of whom cannot believe how the experience went! I sat and watched one of the dads sit with his 18 month old daughter for 30 minutes sharing books in the library, amidst lots of giggling and other noises! WONDERFUL!!

Just look at these photos!
Faline and Mum Bella!

Another Dad with his son!

Faline again with her favourite book!

Anne giving out the T shirts and book to keep!

Next Little Hands Big Steps group in Kawangware will start in January 2011¬ Am SOOO proud of them all!!

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Anonymous said...

This is so fantastic. These families will be forever changed, just because you gave them the opportunity to experience reading together. I love KidsLibs!