Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Hi All!

Well Sankofa: a journal of African Children's and Young Adult Literature Volume 8 2009 is out in USA... AND WE ARE IN IT!!! Our Patron Beverley Naidoo has written a great article about her book Burn my Heart, and she talks a lot about KLT- including about Little Hands Big Steps, and our Super Angels girls groups!! Do have a look, and let me know if you manage to see it!!


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don said...

Hello Anne,
I'm most interested in chatting about ways we might work together. I've read through your website but couldn't find contact information so I'm hoping the blog will connect us. I started an organization called SCOPE (School Communities Offering Projects that Empower)about a year and a half ago. I'll send info about it when I get your email. In a nutshell, we are creating libraries in schools and working on community development in the communities. We are working with 40 school communities and have 45 more scheduled for 2010. Most of our schools are in rural areas around Kisii and Meru, and we also have started sworking in Siaya, Kisumu, Mfangano Island, Voi, Thika, Karatina, Mombasa, Oldonyonyokie, and Kayafungo. This year we will be collecting 100,000 books plus computers, school supplies, and teaching materials.

A primary function of our program is to present workshops for community appointed trainers. The workshops focus on technologies that create jobs and improve the life of the community. This brings me to how I hope we can work together. I want to create a workshop that teaches ways of operating a library and creating programs, such as adult literacy classes, that will benefit the community. I was impressed with what you already do at the libraries you've created and hoped that you could help us with the training. The workshops are presented at regional training sites(often schools)and at Africa Nazarene University. Please contact me if you are interested in continuing the conversation and exploring ways we might work together

Don Howard