Saturday, 13 February 2010

We are still workin....

Although I am still in Scotland (STILL trying to find donors to get me back to Kenya to continue developing our libraries, AND to create new ones) the work continues!!!

Sipili Library update!
Latest piccies of our new library building!! (Feb 12th 2010)

It is starting to look like a
building now!!! Thank you Safaricom Foundation, and THANK YOU to Patrick who has been doing up weekly to supervise the construction- DESPITE having no vehicle to get there (ours if off the road until we can get new tyres).

rgh Half Marathon.
We are now up to possibly 15 'runners' willing to run for KLT!! Charlie's friend Sophia has mobilised Cyprus to sponsor her! Hope we can raise at least some money to make a dent in our target of £50,000.This will pay Anne, Patrick and Joseph (Sipili), develop exisiting five centres, and create two new ones, and keep us operational for a year- with luck!

I have been reading 'Three Cups of Tea' by Greg Mortenson (a wonderful true story of perseverence..) he found a donor to help him create schools through his mountaineering contacts... SURELY there must be someone with money who can SEE what we are achieving and HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO THE CHILDREN- AND YOUTH- OF KENYA??!

BookAid International.
The MYSA libraries have now completed their assessment forms of the books they received from BookAid in December, and have also completed teh list for their requirements for this year. I will go through these this weekend and get them off to BookAid International on Monday. Hope we are in time!

All libraries are busy collecting inspirational stories from their users, about how the libraries have affected them and their lives. We can use these stories hopefully to generate interest.. Maybe put a few on the blog too!!



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