Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bags are packed.. we're ready to go...

Little Hands Big Steps bags are packed for two libraries! We launch at Kawangware library on Saturday 15th May, then at Sipili the following week! Other libraries will follow. We need to get more bags printed up too.. so more mess!! Yeay!!!

MANY thanks again to Westland Sundries, a local bookshop for giving us 20% discount on some of our LHBS books!


PLUS! We should start building our Gacharageini library this week! This has taken much longer than we anticipated due to problems with the existing building, and trying to find materials ourselves We should be all set by Wednesday or Thurs! Will post photos when The Event starts!!! As always thanks to BookAid International for sponsoring this new library!

Still much rain here in Gacharageini, so have bought some wellies/ gum boots- Very fetching black ones! Ha!

Sipili library should open in its new building this month.. fingers and toes crossed! Thanks as always to Safaricom Foundation for sponsoring the new building

Lots of visitors coming from UK and USA this month and next month!

Talk soon!!!


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