Friday, 21 May 2010

Where to begin?!!!! So much to tell!!!


Well this week has been crazy! On Saturday we launched Little Hands Big Steps at Kawangware library.. 15 parents turned up!!! We only asked for 10!
Patrick and I both talked about the project, and Peggy (now chair person of LHBS) spoke about how it went in Mathare North last year (Peggy was a member of the first LHBS group of parents in Mathare North). Peggy is going back this week, and Patrick and I will return in two weeks to see how it is going! As always a big thank you to our donor from Holy Trinity and St Peter Legacy group in Wimbledon, UK. Hope to launch Little Hands Big Steps in Sipili after they have moved into their new building.... 


Sipili library next!
Anne and Patrick went to visit the new building this week. It is still not quite finished.. hopefully by the end of next week! There is some painting and tidying to do.. also our sign has to be completed, stating that Safaricom Foundation are the donor and that it is a KLT library!

the loos!

And now for Gacharageini! We are hoping that the walls will be completed by the end of next week, and the windows in. We then need to wait for the second installment of funding from BookAid International to do floor, reinforce sustaining wall, plaster and paint inside.. then move in! Very exciting! This library has taken us on the builders adventure.. to some very unexpected places.. for example finding crop gum trees to cut down to make scaffolding... assessing types of cement.. 
Training is coming on well. The seven trainess have nearly completed the childrens' fiction, and will start on Adults fiction next week.. the delights of classification will wait a wee bit longer!! 

Will talk again in a week or two! Enjoy photos!!!


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